About Us

About the Office

About Us

This is an overview of the Tenmusubi Tax Accountant Office.

Firm Name

Tenmusubi Tax Accountant Office
(Tenmusubi Tax Accountant Office)

licensed tax accountant

Akihiro Kojima

Certified tax accountant registration number


belong to

Asahi Branch


Miyakojima Ward, Osaka City, Japan

development project (program, programme, plan)

  • Tenmusubi Tax Accountant Office
  • Senmusubi LLC
  • Daily prescriptions


  • Provision of tax services
  • Provision of management services
  • Lecture
  • Seminar Offerings
  • Writing and Contributions
  • Publication
  • Assistance in selling a business
  • M&A
  • Cloud accounting implementation support
  • Tax Investigation Response
  • inheritance declaration
  • Inheritance Simulation
  • Support for setting up a WordPress blog
  • Dissemination through blogs and YouTube
  • Thesis Editing Consulting

affiliated company

Senmusubi LLC

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We are offering a limited number of copies of Representative Tax Accountant Akihiro Kojima's self-magazine, including 10 tips for keeping a blog and branding with your company name or trade name, free of charge.