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Do you like the cartoon "Chainsaw Man"? In this series, there are a relatively large number of people who die. In it, the succession of property comes up several times. Since it is a manga, some people can just kind of read through it, but it can also be a good opportunity to think about inheritance taxes.

You have decided to take this opportunity to learn about estate taxes. This blog is exactly for you. Understand the inheritance that comes up throughout Chainsaw Man and enjoy the world of Chainsaw Man more.

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What is a Censorman Inheritance?

First inheritance: inheritance from father

The chainsaw man's inheritance comes up quickly. Denzi has had to accept this ever since he inherited his father's debt. As if that wasn't enough, Denzi soon makes a deal with the devil to help his father pay off his debt and defeat many demons.

Second inheritance: Aki to Denji

Aki will ask Denji to give his inheritance to him.
It is the result of creating a family in Denzi, as intended by Mr. Makima.

He must have originally realized that he had a shorter future than Denji, due in part to his contract with the needle demon and the future demon.

After his death, he made sure that the money was given to the families of Denji and Himeno Senpai.
In that case, inheritance taxes may be due.

2. what are the rights in a Censorman inheritance?

non-hereditary rights

Aki, the chainsaw man, is a quasi-protagonist, having made contracts with four demons! The "fox demon," the "cursed demon," the "demon of the future," and the "demon that Makima made me sign a contract with."

Of course, a covenant made with the devil is not inherited by the next person.(right of) exclusive possessionIt is called.
For example, my license to practice tax law and my license to practice law are also personal rights. Even if I am a tax attorney, my license as a tax attorney does not pass to anyone who succeeds to my estate.

The same is true of a contract with the devil. As a personal right, it is only effective for the person who made the contract.

Definition of inheritance tax

Estate tax is a tax on the value of property passed from one person to another. In some cases, the property is lost, while in other cases, the property passes from living person to living person.

Estate tax is also referred to as a complementary tax to income tax. It means that the tax is imposed on the portion of the estate that was not fully taxed by the income tax. The reason for taxation is that when you pass money or other assets you saved during your lifetime to someone else, you have realized their value and can pay the tax on them (tax-bearing capacity).

Who are the heirs?

Chainsawmen are considered to have inheritance rights as defined by Japanese law. Heirs may include spouses, children, siblings, parents, grandparents, and other relatives.

Denzi is entitled to inherit from his father. Denzi is the heir. Denzi's father is called the decedent.

In Aki's case, you have already lost a family member. Aki is dead, so Aki is the decedent. If the family is still alive, the parents are usually the heirs, since they were not married. Next, his brother is the heir. With the parents and siblings gone, the reality of the situation goes to the relatives. Often it is the siblings of the parents. Since the whole town was destroyed by the gun demon, perhaps the siblings of the parents are gone as well.

As a result, the family members of Denji and Himeno Senpai have been designated as heirs.

What is an inheritance?

An inheritance is all of the property that a deceased person has. It includes both positive and negative assets.

In Aki's case, we have given her positive assets like cash because we found a bank book. Denzi's father left a tremendously high amount of debt. If his father had cash deposits in addition to his debts, those cash deposits would also be inherited.

However, since the dark world was involved, it may not be in accordance with the law.

What is the procedural flow in inheritance?

The process for inheritance is within 10 months from the date the heirs learn of the death. The date of learning of the death is not necessarily the date of passing away. It is easy to understand if you think of it as if you were on vacation and could not know immediately.

It is all about filling out the proper paperwork within this 10 month period and ensuring that the wishes of the deceased are respected. First, you will need to obtain a death certificate from the local registry office. This may be back and forth depending on the case, but here is a general summary.

Investigation of the existence of a will

If a will is found after the inheritance process is underway, the process will have to be redone. First, check to see if there is a will. It is also a good idea to check if there is a notarized will at the same time.

probate procedure

In the case of a will that is not notarized, probate is the court's process of clarifying the date, contents, etc. of the will to the heirs. If the will is opened without permission, it will not lose its validity, but a penalty of "a non-penalty of up to 50,000 yen" will be imposed. If you find a will, file a petition for probate at the family court as soon as possible.

Investigation of heirs

If it is found that there are heirs who did not participate in the agreement, the division of property agreement will be invalidated and will have to be redone, so it is necessary to determine the heirs.

Obtaining a copy of family register

It is necessary to obtain a copy of the deceased person's family register from the time of death back to the time of birth. This is because there is a possibility that the contents may change due to marriage, etc.

Identification of the type of inherited property

Check your property. First, what kind you have. If you inherit everything, you will also inherit any debts that you do not know about. Check to make sure you don't have to go through the estate planning process all over again.

Find documents of inherited property

We will search for documents and check detailed property details. We will check "bank passbooks, mail from banks, securities firms, etc., certificates of title to real estate, certified copies of registries, sales contracts, tax notices, IOUs and bills, and copies of tax returns.

Consider simple inheritance, limited approval, and disinheritance

Inheriting everything, both positive and negative, is called simple approval, inheriting only a portion is called limited approval, and not inheriting at all is called disinheritance.

Quasi-Final Income Tax Returns for Persons Who Have Lost Their

Sometimes a person dies on a date other than December 31. In such cases, an income tax return is filed from January 1 to the date of death. This is called a semi-final income tax return.

Division of Inheritance

If there is no will, we will decide how to divide the estate.

Change of ownership of property

We change the name of real estate and movable assets (cars).

Inheritance Tax Returns

I've come this far and finally declared it.


Funeral fee settlements and insurance claims, if any, will be handled.

It was a long time.
Thus, filing an inheritance return is a time-consuming process.

What are examples of problems in inheritance?

insoluble problem

Inheritance is complicated. It can be complicated.

For example, disinheritance is a problem that can arise when an heir does not want to accept a share of the estate. Another problem is one that is not divisible if there are more claimants than assets to be distributed. If everything is cash, it may be divisible by about a penny difference. But how do you divide it evenly if you have $1 million in cash and $10 million in real estate?

inheritance waiver

In the world of chain sawmans, renunciation is an important concept to understand when considering inheritance. This is because if Denji had originally renounced his father's debt, this story would not have proceeded.

In the real world, disinheritance is also the process of refusing to receive inherited property. Renunciation can be a difficult decision, but it can have a significant impact on one's financial future.

In the event of a waiver, in which case the right of succession will be transferred to the next person. Eventually, it goes to the treasury. In Censorman, the first one, Denzi, was in debt to his father. He should have renounced his inheritance here, but he was a child and the other party was a yakuza. Considering that an honest approach would not have worked, renouncing the inheritance at this point is not realistic for the storyline.

What is the issue of residuals?

The issue of intestate succession is a common problem with regard to inheritance, and the chainsaw man's inheritance is no exception.

A remainder is a certain percentage of the estate reserved for certain heirs that cannot be taken away by will. Consider the case where the person who has died has only a spouse. The property usually passes to this spouse by inheritance. But what if there are other people who love him or her, and all the property passes to someone other than the spouse?

That spouse will not be able to live with the entirety of the estate passing to a third party. What happens to this remainder is a common problem.

What are the basics of inheritance tax and how is it calculated?

Inheritance tax is not always imposed. There is a basic exemption, which is imposed when the amount exceeds 30 million yen + the number of legal heirs x 6 million yen.

For example, if you have a spouse and one child, an inheritance tax is imposed on any inheritance in excess of 42 million yen. It is not always imposed. You should carefully consider whether or not it will exceed the amount.

What are the costs involved in the inheritance process?

The cost of inheritance procedures varies widely depending on the complexity of the estate, the number of heirs involved, and the type of assets to be inherited.

If you just want to do the calculations, you can ask a tax attorney. If there is a family dispute, a lawyer must be retained. In some cases, you may have to pay for a trial. If you wish to transfer ownership of real estate, you must ask a judicial scrivener. A provision for a fee to the executor of the will may also be included, which may add to the overall cost of the process. Fortunately, the

Surprisingly, there are many costs involved.

Deadlines for inheritance procedures

Do not procrastinate when it comes to inheritance procedures. Observe the 10-month time limit from the date you learn of the loss. If the estate has not yet been divided, it can be declared once as community property.

In any case, make sure to proceed by the proper deadline.

Chainsawman's Inheritance brings inheritance closer to home.

When it comes to the inheritance of a chainsaw man, we keep it simple. But in reality, it is important to understand the rights and procedures involved. Heirs should be familiar with the definition of inheritance tax, residual issues, and the costs involved in the inheritance process. It is also important to be aware of deadlines, as failure to meet them can have serious consequences.

For a smooth and successful inheritance, it is wise to seek legal advice from knowledgeable professionals. We, like Denzie, wish we could get help from Pochita.

In addition, YouTube deals with the inheritance from Aki to Denji. Please take a look at it when you are free.

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